Our Patient Care Speaks for Itself but Our Patients Speak Louder

I felt the most comfortable I have ever felt at the dentist. The whole staff was professional as well as kind and seemed to anticipate any nervousness on my part.

Susan Hofmann

Very prompt and professional. Excellent cleaning only complaint was the computer was so slow processing xrays. Assistant was very patient and did a great job

Betty Pratt

I moved to Florida 3 years ago and was worried I wouldnt be able to find a dentist that was as good as the one I had. I am happy to say I found one that is even better. The compassion and care here is amazing. I was so impressed when I had my abcessed tooth pulled. There was alot of infection. The doctor was extremely thorough and took alot of time making sure it was all removed and cleaned out. I will definitely continue to go there and have already told friends I know about my wonderful experience. The assistants are also very helpful and knowledgeable which makes this place a win win. Thank you all for everything.

Nancy Nilles

The best dental experience ever. From the moment I walked in Brent greeted me and you can sense happiness in his tone. The rest of the staff was just as friendly and professional. Sarah made the procedure lots of fun and I would highly recommend this place to anyone.

Rick Cintron

Nice dental office. I got my teeth cleaned and am going back for sedation dentistry for multiple problems. Satisfied and the hygienist was great.

Lauren Betz

Top Notch dentistry

Audrey Pile

Bonnie is an awesome hygenist!

Lyndsey Griggs

I just got back from seeing Dr. Riesz to replace a temporary crown I had broken the night before. Spite being his day off (a holiday) he opened up his office to replace my temporary crown. Had he not done that, I would have had to wait 4 days when the office opened back up. That speaks volumes to his integrity and professionalism and I am very appreciative for that! Thanks again Doc!

Bill Madigan

I walked in with a lot of pain Walked out in tears but happy tears I’ve been searching for months for a dentist to remove this tooth out of my mouth an had no luck well today I came across Venice dental care I must say they got me in quick mist dentist won’t see u the same day as an exam but they did all the staff are extremely nice an what made my experience the best because with all that’s going on with the vivid 19 an being the head of you’re household being the only one providing for my family I didn’t have the money to have the tooth removed an the lady who hat sits in the front was not letting me leave in pain I’m a firm believer in god an I say that to say knows my heart an knows I’m a good person if I ever hit lottery I’m blessing everyone in that building thanks again you guys i pray god blesses you all in many different ways with much love an joy p.s Roosevelt gordon

Dashun G

“Dr. Eck’s advice was the right advice. His recommendations were the right recommendations for me. I came back and they started the process, the surgery part of it, and they did an amazing job.”


“Before I went to Bonita Dental Care, I was in a lot of pain. I would have headaches and couldn’t breathe properly. I was having a lot of trouble in a lot of areas and getting sinus infections like crazy. After I had my implant, it was great.”


“I am really a bad patient and very emotional about the whole thing. I spent a few days in tears, but that’s just me, they were fabulous. Everybody in here has been sweet and wonderful.”

“I convinced myself that the reason I had those headaches was because there was a hairline fracture in one of my teeth, because no doctor could find anything else.”

“I convinced myself that I had a hairline fracture in one of my teeth. Dr. Eck said, ‘I don’t see a hairline fracture, but I think I know what your problem is…. ‘ I walked out of here , never had another headache!

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